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As business start to resume they will face new challenges, SKP Accountancy are here and are ready equipt to help you adjust effortlessly, we will prosper together.

Stuck with your accounts? Need advice on your tax situation? Starting a new business?

If you would like to speak to us about a general query fill in the form to the right, and we will call you back within the same working day. SKP Accountancy is based in Bromley, London, but supports clients across the South East and beyond.


Keeping your accounts accurate and up to date is essential for everyone whether you are running a large business or just an individual.

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Tax Returns

We are experienced in filing tax returns for companies and sole traders in any financial position and can take the stress from you.

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Professional Accountant Orpington

Worry less with access to the most reliable personal and business accountants, taxation, and financial advice.

Our Story

SKP Accountancy is an established accountants firm in Orpington with an experienced team of thorough professionals. Owned and operated in London, we serve individuals and businesses all across Orpington, the South East and beyond. From basic financial advice to complex corporate financial decisions, SKP won't leave your side. We ensure that your financial decisions are based on keeping in mind the logical, strategical, and legal aspects.

Quick Update on Coronavirus

As the business starts to resume, they will face new challenges; SKP Accountancy is here in Orpington and ready to help you adjust effortlessly and prosper together.

Valuable Orpington Accountants Services by Certified Professionals

Whether you are an;

Individuals working on salary…

Small business owner…

Struggling entrepreneur…

Additional investor…

Financial advice seeker on investment and profits…

Sole trader or a subcontractor…

If you fall into any of the categories we mentioned above; our Orpington accountants services are dedicated to you. Our services are based on your financial aspects regardless of your earning and spending.

Why Choose Us for your Accounting??

We have been trusted by many Orpington clients for our integrity, knowledge, and problem-solving attitude. They usually praise us for;

We work in a friendly environment, but our approach to your financial matters is deadly serious.

We are often found speaking layman’s language and trust; we’re good at explaining every minor to major detail.

Our experience is worth trusting.

Our taxation, superannuation, financial planning, wealth creation specialists, and accountant in Orpington are incredibly easy to deal with.

You’ll love to witness how transparent, result-driven, and on-time our work management is. Plus, we also take care of lodgement and compliance in a reasonable manner.

Welcome to SKP Accountancy

We make your business financially stable and deal with your financial matters like pros! Our London-based accountancy firms have been helping individuals and businesses in Orpington for years now. We adhere to the fact that a business can only progress if its financial aspects are in order and sorted. It's only possible if the professional accountant in Orpington handles your finances so there's no risk of loss because they'd plan your financial moves after thorough calculation. For people seeking professional accountancy and taxation services, SKP Accountancy is just a call away!

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We believe that it will help us know each other if you’re fully aware of our offerings and how our accountants services can benefit your financial stability.

Making Tax Digital

SKP Accountancy is fully equipped to embrace the impact of MTD in managing and submitting accounts to HMRC. People are now dependent on online platforms more than ever. Regardless of being digital-friendly or not, people are still hogging the internet. For all the accountancy and taxation purposes, we're geared up!


You saw that coming, right? The core focus of any accountants firm is to keep your accounts accurate, up-to-date, and away from miscalculations. Regardless of the size of your business, having a real track of your records is the foundation of your financial stability and growth. It helps you decide your future projections and rethink the additional spending. Only an experienced accountancy firm will bother to get into the slightest details to highlight and eliminate the problematic areas which need to be further focused on. Therefore, while choosing your accounting partner, make no mistake!

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

To be put simply, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the tax you pay on the profit of your sold service or product. There's no straightforward way of calculating how much you ought to pay. It depends on what you've paid and how you've sold it for. Also, your yearly revenue is a factor to consider. The difference is determined by whether your earnings fall above or below the upper limit of the income tax basic rate band. So far, we've upheld the expectations of our valued clients in managing their capital gains tax bills with the best interest in mind.

Construction Industry Scheme

This is a massive benefit for people working in the construction industry. CIS has been a life-changing matter for many of the owned companies which fall under this scheme. You pay only 20% compared to the 30% others pay if they aren't registered. You can also join the Flat Rate Scheme and make the most out of long-term tax planning.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a long yet crucial process for taking a detailed look at your current financial situation. It helps build a strategy for future stability and movements. Financial planning often delves into varied areas of finance, involving investing, taxes, savings, retirement, your estate, insurance, and more. For reaching dedicated goals, an individual or a company would indeed need a professional financial planning team which is why SKP Accountancy can be your go-to partner!

Tax Returns

Filing a tax return is the most daunting and stressful task out of everything. This mainly turns into a nightmare for businesses and sole traders with multiple sources of generating revenue and income. Up until now, your financial records should be up to date for you to file tax returns. If you wish to pay the least tax possible, let us handle your tax returns. We'll ensure you pay the lowest amount of tax because we find ourselves good at navigating the relief system.


For owners that have acquired their own private company, you're probably on top of PAYE right now. This might initially stress you much as you've just transformed into a company owner from being a sole trader.

VAT becomes applicable to you and your business when your turnover exceeds £85,000. You won't be paying any VAT before hitting that benchmark. When you come to us, we look through all the options you possibly have and guide you in detail for the next step.

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