February 2



An SKP Accountancy Services adviser, Keith Keen has been supplying top quality financial advice for more than 25 years. He is just one of the highly qualified and able staff within the organisation. The company’s areas of expertise cover the full range of financial advice for both personal and corporate clients.

Whether you need guidance dealing with payroll, VAT preparation or filing accounts, SKP Accountancy Services have the necessary experience. The company has worked for businesses of all sizes and the self-employed helping them organise their accounts in the most tax efficient way possible. All SKP Accountancy Services staff are friendly and knowledgeable and together cover every speciality of accountancy. The company works hard to keep improving the service you get and are always looking for innovative solutions for your accountancy needs. Going beyond just good bookkeeping, services are tailored to your individual situation and to maximise returns.

Professional financial advice can help you plan for the future and avoid the many pitfalls that individuals and companies can face. The aim of the company is that you feel a sense of control and optimism around your finances, building the foundation necessary for you to achieve your life goals.

With more and more of us living into later life, financial planning becomes a must for everybody. If you want to be able to afford to live in comfort in retirement or hand over an inheritance to your loved ones then accurate and independent financial advice is a necessity.