November 20

Financial Planning


There are so many options open to you when investing or looking forward and planning your financial future that they can become overwhelming.

The decisions you make now have a long term impact on the quality of life you can afford for years and decades to come. It is important therefore that you are informed about all options and have the repercussions of each explained to you.

Each individual person will have different needs, wishes and financial support so each decisions has to be taken on a case by case basis. SKP Accountancy will listen closely to what is most important to you whether it is enjoying retirement, having a substantial sum to pass on to your children or paying for the care of a family member.

The amount you hold in other savings or assets can inform your attitude to risk. Stocks offer a historically very good return especially for those looking at long term options. You can however make more short term, higher risk purchases if you wish but you must take on the possibility of losing money.

SKP Accountancy assesses and recommends the most tax efficient ways both to retain your wealth into old age and to transfer wealth to loved ones. We regularly review financial plans accommodating any new laws and always keep up to date with the latest schemes for protecting wealth.

SKP Accountancy  can also advise you on the latest and best ways to retain wealth and to ensure you’re truly independent. We help many people sensibly start making withdrawals from their pension pots, giving people  the financial freedom they have to choose over their key later life decisions.

More and more people are living far beyond retirement age. This means that without an income, they are reliant on the decisions they made whilst still earning to see them through the coming years. Nobody knows how long they will live but with the average life expectancy still rising, it pays to make a plan.

Do you need assistance planning your finances? If so, call Keith Keen of SKP Accountancy on 020 8468 1049 or e-mail today to find out more.